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When Design meets Function

I have recently rediscovered an outstanding example of functional design, this late-fifties Accoson Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor.

The Accoson Blood Pressure Monitor

Everything is designed, one-way or another. Some objects are designed well, while others are not; some are designed pretentiously, others unassumingly; some are designed to optimize materials and techniques, while others are wasteful. While some objects naturally attract our attention for their extraordinary character and desirability - an eccentric and expensive pair of sneakers, for instance, or a gleaming sports car - many others are so apparently ordinary as to go unnoticed. Every day we use dozens of them, from elastic bands to Band-Aids, erasers, and mascara wands. If they work well, chances are we won't pay them much attention. However, in spite of their modest price and demure presence, some of these things are true masterpieces of the art of design and deserve our unconditional admiration. And this is the case for the Accoson desktop blood pressure monitor. A simple design, distantly reminiscent of the clean lines of Bauhaus, with a Bakelite casing, makes this device a perfect example of British ingenuity. There is nothing superfluous on this device. The Accoson company was established in 1859 by Alfred Charles Cossor, following a period of apprenticeship by the founder as a glass blower. Having gained a high reputation for his skills and the quality of his products, the founder was joined by his son Alfred Charles in 1875, and then by his younger son Frank in 1885. ​

The Accoson Blood Pressure Monitor

​In 1904 the first sphygmomanometer was manufactured by the company, using their glass blowing skills to produce a glass manometer. In 1921 Frank Cossor was joined by his son Frank Gordon Cossor, and the company expanded its products to include all types of thermometers, hydrometers and syringes. Sphygmomanometers became the main product of the company, with Adrian Cossor joining the company in 1966, the fourth generation to do so. The current range of ACCOSON sphygmomanometers enjoy an excellent reputation for their quality and ease of use. Discover Accoson on

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